What is Vida and Encounter?

Vida is the Junior High youth group of Faith Church-Highland Campus and New Life CRC for students in 6th– 8th grades. FRIDAY NIGHT BREAKOUT is a subgroup of VIDA that is designed to provide a safe, caring place to gather to play and have a great time! It is an opportunity to meet other students and a chance for us to get to know your friends.

Encounter is the Senior High youth group of Faith Church-Highland Campus and New Life CRC for students in 9th-12th grades. COFFEEHOUSE is a subgroup of ENCOUNTER that is designed to provide a time to gather with students, their friends and youth group leaders to catch up during the week.

What happens Sunday nights?

We gather for a time of food and catch up with each other. Explore who God is, who we are in Christ and how we can be the light in the world through studying the Bible- God’s Word.

Want to know more?

Looking for ways you can be involved with Vida or Encounter? Contact either Faith Church Highland (highlandoffice@faithchurchonline.org) or New Life Christian Reformed Church (secretary@newlifecrc.com). 


We ask that each student have a Student Ministries release form and Student Ministries Health Form on file. Please download a copy here and turn into either church office or a group leader. This also will help us have your contact information on file so we can help you stay informed about events.


We want to make sure that you are up to date on all the information about what is happening in our student ministries and there are a couple ways you will be able to get that information.

  1. This website will be updated with information about events and our schedule so if you are ever wondering who is meeting when come here to find out.
  2. Email: information about events will be emailed.
  3. Each group does have a Facebook page so be sure to ‘like’ us to stay connected.
  4. Periodically text will go out to the students about reminders for sign-ups or impromptu events.

Weather Cancellation Policy: 

In case of a weather cancellation (I know winter is a couple months off) we will email the group that is meeting if it is cancelled, it will also be posted on the website and Facebook page. If you don’t see anything we are meeting.

Food Sign Up: 

At our Sunday Night meetings we begin our meetings with a time for dinner. If you are willing to help out throughout the year and provide a meal please contact a group leader.

Cell Phone/IPod (any electronic device) Rule: 

We believe in being intentional about the environment we provide at our youth group meetings and retreats. To provide an environment that builds community among our group, allows for those present to be truly present with those around them and to be present with God, we have a NO CELL PHONE RULE at youth group. We ask that they stay in pockets, cars, pursues, ON SILENT for our meetings. If that is too much of a temptation for you there will be a basket you can deposit it into as you enter and pick up as you leave. If any leaders catch a student on their cell phone we will be collecting them for the night. There are 2 ways for the phone to be returned: A parent may pick it up from Kelli Hofstra by 10:00 Sunday night or the Student or parent can get it Monday.  There will be different retreats and trips were we ask that the phones stay home and we will inform you when those times are. Here is a link to a video which explains a little more about our view on this http://www.qideas.org/video/numb-generations.aspx

Check out the VIDA page and the ENCOUNTER page to see what is happening with both groups. Below is a brief description about our groups.

Faith Church- Highland Campus:

8910 Grace St, Highland, In 46322, 219-838-6231; http://www.faithchurchonline.org


New Life CRC:

3010 Ridge Road, Highland, IN 46322, 219-838-0506; www.newlifecrc.com